Somatic RX was created during the 2020 Pandemic. Due to being on lockdown and not having any sun, my son's skin started to suffer. He had a horrific eczema outbreak. It was bad! From there, I was on a mission to heal his skin. I also started to have small Acne outbreaks. I don't suffer from Acne. That is when our first butter and outbreak oil was born, which I created. And it WORKED. I started to question the ingredients that were in products, I have in my home. If you look at a store-bought product it has 10 plus ingredients that you can't pronounce. I created my products with herbs from the earth. I am committed to staying close to as possible. Half of the products that are in those store-bought products are to make a stable profitable cheap product. Energetically, I create my products with love. Once you receive your product, my hopes are it aids in your body's healing. You came to my site for a reason. You want to take care of your body's largest organism with quality products. A lot of research and experiments have been done even before this company was created. We hope you love the products you receive from us.